Oh, wait…you didn’t know we were moving?! Did I tell you? Who knows. If not….surprise! After just two years on O’ahu, we’ve moved to the Denver metro area. We’re excited for the new adventure, but I’d be lying if I said I wouldn’t miss our beloved Hawaii just a bit. (Or a lot). Especially because we JUST bought a newly-constructed home. Like in February 2015. Considering it’s now just nine months later, you can say we’re pretty dang thankful for a solid housing market!

IMG_5012e DSC02995 (We replaced the carpet with hardwood flooring right away which is why the house looks more like it’s being renovated than brand new!)IMG_3211edit2

But when your husband’s company transfers him to a new location…you either go or you can’t pay your bills! And we were both excited to check out Denver. Aside from our move to Hawaii, neither of us had been west of St. Louis. It’s time to explore a whole new part of the country!

We said goodbye to our closest friends on the island.

IMG_3257edit IMG_3303e IMG_3318e

Then we were at the airport and on our way to our next adventure!

IMG_8394e IMG_8396 IMG_8397

Can I just say that electronics makes long flights infinitely better? Three cheers for technology!

But then we arrived and everyone was exhausted while we waited for James to get the rental car.


No matter how great your family is – and no matter how used to wandering they are – moving two adults, three kids, and a dog and a cat across the country (and an ocean) is challenging. Thankfully, my husband works for an amazing company so we had a great place to crash while we looked for a new home.

They even made sure we had enough beds for all three kids. (And the animals made themselves quite at home.)

IMG_4022 The view was killer.
IMG_8696 We even had a roof side pool!IMG_3372e

We are so excited to finally experience fall! That was one of the things we missed SOOOO very much on the island.


And SWINGS! Aweoweo Beach was the only place we found them on the island!IMG_8928

Then we had to buy winter coats because, well, Denver experiences winter.


And the kids were crazy excited the first time it snowed! (As you can see, they still had their slippers on.)


But mostly our first month was filled with new-house-related stuff. We had to find a place, then we had to go through the buying process, and then we had to get moved in. But now we’re finally beginning to get settled!


Stay tuned for all of our fun Colorado adventures!

Peak to Peak Highway