I have no idea why it took us so long to discover Waimanalo Bay & Beach Park but this place is absolutely incredible. It’s located on the windward (eastern) side of the island, just south of Bellows AFS where we went camping this summer. It was rated the top beach in America recently and for good reason. The whole area is breathtaking. We’ve now been there a few times, and I think we’ll definitely be back.

I love that these next few images make our family look athletic. It’s not true. It’s all a lie. But the kids had fun with James for a few minutes!

IMG_9004 IMG_9011e

I mean, he looks like a natural with the football. But my fear of concussions pretty much nixes that idea.IMG_9023

They did get in the water for a bit. These were perfect boogie-boarding but of course we didn’t have them!IMG_9030e IMG_9058e IMG_9067e So then I asked them to get out so we could take some photos. And they kind of happily obliged.IMG_9085
Things were going juuuuuuuust fine. And then….

Portugese Man-o-War wrapped its tentacles all around poor Aidan’s leg. And guess what? They sting. And it doesn’t feel great. There were tears.

So next time when we went back, he was a little less inclined to get in the water. Can’t really say I blame him!

We did, however, bring the body (boogie?) boards. And fun was had.DSCN1861

I still struggle with the whole shark thing, but this water is generally clear enough that you could see if a huge mass was around. But the waves kick up the sand which scares me so this smile is only half real!DSCN1866e A friend of ours went with us when we returned, and she showed us this awesome driftwood swing. The kids had a blast playing on it!
IMG_2132e IMG_2184e IMG_2260e

There is definitely a reason this beach is rated so highly. There is a wooded area which lends itself well to picnics, plus the mountainous scenery surrounding you on both sides makes for great photos. The whole place is just magical. If you want more information about the beach park and how to get there, check out this site!

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