Just days after we moved to Hawaii, I was itching to try anything and everything with our family.  As far as races go, we’d never done one with the kids.  James and I have done both the Warrior Dash and Indianapolis’s Mini Marathon (13.1 miles).  But otherwise, we’re race novices.
I can’t even remember how I heard that The Color Run was coming to Hawaii – Facebook maybe?  But I thought it looked like a good time.  The whole point is to wear white and get as covered as you can in bright colors all while having fun through a 5k course.
The cost however?  Wow!  I believe it ended up being upwards of $250 for the five of us, and that was with a discount I found online.  But it seemed fun and what kids don’t love getting messy?  And anything is fun to try once.
We went to Sports Authority to pick up our packets the day before the race.  There’s something fun about that process – it gets you pumped up for the big day.

The Color Run was in the beginning of November – and the rainy season here – so we weren’t totally shocked by the sprinkling the morning of the race.  But I was just envisioning the dyes running all down our face and being a wet streaked mess.  Ew.

Thankfully, the rain ended before the race began and we were rewarded with a pretty little rainbow.

We loved the little signs they had set up everywhere.

I was pretty impressed by the sheer amount of participants for such a tiny little island.  There is something so special about events like these.  We’re all packed together but no one is rude or in a bad mood.  We are all here because we want to be, and the whole purpose is to have a good time.  It’s always nice to be surrounded by folks that have the same goals as you. (Active fun!)

And some of the people opened up their personal color packets early.  This girl was excited to get decorated before the race by the adults surrounding us.

The waiting process was boring, but once we got up to and crossed the starting line, the fun began.  We decided to walk the whole race because we were in it for the fun.  First up, the yellow color!

I was super impressed by the volunteers that threw the powder out.  They worked hard to reach and cover everyone.

Next we came to the orange.  Aidan didn’t get much yellow on him because he tried to avoid the volunteers.

The orange went the same way.

We finally explained to him that the powder was simply cornstarch with coloring added to it.  We probably should have informed him of that earlier.  Once he knew that it wouldn’t hurt him (even if ingested), he was happy to be covered in the stuff.

We had to work extra hard on those last few stations to become as colorful as we did, but I’m pretty excited about how vibrant we looked.

Once we crossed the finish line, it was time to bust out our color packets and have some more fun.

That’s a pretty fantastic look.

The family that gets messy together, stays together.

We didn’t stay for the after party, but watching the color flying as we walked was pretty exciting.  Then I wondered how all those people could breathe in that mess?  Cough, cough.

The littles sure did look great as we walked back to the van.  Did I mention that I hate messes?  Blech.  So we all stripped down on the back porch and tip-toed through the house and into the showers.  We were cleaning dye out of our ears for a week.  The bad part is that as soon as you get sweaty at all – which is pretty much impossible to avoid in hot Hawaii – the colors all blend to brown.

So the Color Run was super fun.  But will we do it again?  Negative.  Once was enough!

Manoa Falls Trail
Kaena Point Trail