Let me just go ahead and say it: this will likely be a part one of two.  I hope you’ll never get tired of the honu (sea turtle) posts, because I certainly never get tired of encountering them!

Today, we decided to head over to what’s known as the “Paradise Cove” Beach after the kids’ golf lesson at the suggestion of a friend.  We’ve been told about this beach many times but we’ve never visited.  When we moved into our home, the moving guys explained all about how it’s this place near the lagoons where sea turtles love to hang out.  But honestly, when you’re new to a place, it’s easy to forget specifics because you can’t exactly form a picture in your head.  So we spent many months trying to figure out this beach’s location.

We did eventually figure it out, but because the tiny parking lot is generally full, we hadn’t been able to check it out.  But today, we got lucky!

The beach is a tiny lagoon near the four bigger Ko’Olina lagoons.  It’s very simple with no frills (or bathrooms!), but it’s great for having some nice secluded fun.  I am definitely excited to go back.

Aidan isn’t in any of these pictures because he stayed up on the beach reading.  I was so excited though – I waded out into the water in my clothes.  Thank goodness for leggings!

A few notes: You’re not supposed to feed the turtles, but clearly these guys are used to people ignoring that rule.  We’ve never seen wild turtles approach humans elsewhere on the island, and these definitely came right up to us.  Because they’re often hand-fed, this can cause aggression from the turtles.  We closely monitored the kids’ involvement with these guys because after all, they are wild and unpredictable.  And we would never want our children to touch or harm them in anyway.

Okay, so enough rambling.


After playing with the turtles for a while, the kids lost interest (which is baffling to me!) and began just playing around in the ocean again.  The adults were standing around chatting when we looked up to see a monk seal joining in on the fun.

And just like that, it was gone.  It must have been checking out the area and then it went on its way.  So cool though.  And after a few minutes, the sea turtles (who had scattered) came back around to check out the new beach-goers.

Here is a great shot of Audra and her closest friend.

We will be going back VERY soon with our snorkeling gear.  I can’t wait to share some underwater shots of these guys (which will be the part 2 to this post).  I’m already excited!

Disclaimer – This website does not endorse you feeding or approaching these endangered animals.  Please keep a safe distance and understand that the turtles that frequent this beach are unlike other turtles.  Most turtles do not want any interaction with humans.  Please take caution because they are powerful creatures.

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