This was our very first completed hike after moving to the island.  We were living off of Pali Highway in a short term rental and the Manoa Falls trail was just minutes from our place.  It was short (1.6 miles round trip) and seemed like a great place to start.

For this trail, there is a parking lot that costs $5 per vehicle.  It’s next to Rainbow’s End Snack Shop.  From there, you walk up a road to reach the actual trail head.

Look at all that beautiful green foliage!  From what I read, scenes from Lost and Jurassic Park were shot on this trail.

We had read online that this could be a muddy hike, so we were prepared for less than ideal conditions.  James and I had purchased new hiking shoes and we were excited to use them!  We bought ours at Sports Authority, but this is the particular shoe that James chose:

And then my version:

We have been very pleased so far with our choices!

The trail started out with gravel and a makeshift bridge.

Then it turned to mostly mud.  There was a little creek bed here I think, but I obviously didn’t capture that very well.

Then it was back to gravel and we encountered a little hill.  And the most fun in hiking is trying not to trip over tree roots.  Gotta keep it interesting.

The incline continued throughout the rest of the trail.

I’m fairly certain that at least one of us fell in this area on the way down.

We had never encountered bamboo before.  It’s pretty neat!

And then the trail started to get really muddy.  And we slipped a few times.  And honestly, there was a point that we wondered if we had walked past the waterfall and just didn’t notice.  So we just kept going and hoped we were on the right path.  It seemed to take forever for such a short little trail.

But we did finally reach the base of the falls.  And since we’ve been here longer, and I’m part of a local hiking FB group, I know that many times the water is flowing much more abundantly.  But it didn’t matter.  We had completed our first trail in Hawaii.  It felt great.

The way back down was actually more difficult than going up because it was hard to get traction in the mud.  So I don’t really have any images of the last quarter to the falls and the first quarter coming back down.  But when we got on flatter ground, Audra wanted a picture in front of this tree covered in some kind of fungi.

And this was right near the trailhead.  Isn’t that view gorgeous?  Whew.

On our way back down the road to the parking lot, we saw a flash of white flying through the air.  We looked up to see this beautiful cockatoo.

And then thankfully, we were able to use this perfectly-located water sprayer before getting back in our van.  Have I mentioned I hate getting messy?  Ick.

And as we were leaving, I got my first glimpses of the wild chickens we hear so much about.

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