You can go ahead and expect that there will be a part 5 or 6 for this trail in the future. (You can see our first time here.)  It’s a perfect hike when you don’t have a lot of time to show visitors around the island.  Especially in the winter months when you might get to see whales.  So, this installment details our time showing the southeastern coast of Oahu to my mom & Roz.  When we last left off, we had just gotten back on the road after our stop to check out a few points along the Kalanianaole Highway.

Of course, the trip was pretty short and before we knew it, we were out of the van and getting started on the trail towards the lighthouse.

Just as we reached the shoreline, we noticed a little detour.  So of course we had to check it out.

Roz went a little farther down than any of us.

Gorgeous water.

Roz managed to grab this super flattering picture of The Wandering Five.  That’s one for the wall, for sure.

And she saw this small little cave area in the rock.  Not sure what lives here.

Then we headed back up and saw my mom patiently waiting for us to return.

We walked a little farther up and stopped yet again for some more views.

There is something so serene about just looking off into the ocean.  But on this day, we were busy searching for whales.

And although I didn’t capture it, we did see quite a few whales blowing.  But unfortunately, we didn’t get to see any breaching, and none were very close.

We next headed towards the rock that I so proudly climbed last time.  With two extra adults on hand, I felt comfortable enough to allow the kids up there.  It isn’t all that tall or anything, but there’s nothing behind it – just water.  So it’s a little scary.

And they were determined to give me a heart attack – I’m sure of it.

James too!

Here I am – safely away from the edge.

My mom wasn’t into climbing on top of the rock, but she was happy to pose for me next to it.  And honestly, just walking out to this little area requires a bit of bravery.  So we were all feeling pretty proud.

Next, my husband lost his mind a bit.  Instead of continuing up the trail, he decided to climb along this ledge.

I created my very first animated GIF!  It’s not perfect, but I’m pretty excited about it.

So while I was panicking while he reached that point, then I wondered where he was going to go from there?  I think he was too.

The rest of us got back on the pavement and headed up.  This is a look back towards Waimanalo.

Found him!  Of course, we still weren’t sure how he was going to get from up there…

…to down there by us.

Roz went out ahead and ended up catching up with him.

The rest of us moseyed on along.

But we finally caught up with Roz and James.  They were looking so peaceful.

And I finally figured out where the Makapuu Tidepools are!  They are off the paved trail – you have to climb down the grassy/rocky hill to get there.  They look small, but I’m pretty sure there’s a tiny speck of a person in the middle of this picture.  So this will be something we come back and do sans kids.

But we did a bit more gazing.

And then it was time to check out that little bunker house.  We passed it on our last trip here.

Still not sure how those rocks got on the roof.  I’m assuming people throw them up there.

Especially after seeing what people did inside.  And since it’s blocked, Roz just stuck her camera inside and used the flash for these pictures.

And then we got going again.

Until we stopped.  Again.  (We can’t help it!  So much ocean to see!)

But then, for real, we started again.

Since we can’t actually go into the lighthouse, we stopped for more pictures of it from afar.

Just random pics.

We made it to the top!  It was clearly anti-climactic for the children.

A nice little view of Rabbit and Turtle Islands.
Roz captured this stunning view of the coastline.
In this zoomed in image, you can see Sea Life Park plus the Makapuu Beach Park (which I’ll be blogging about next).

And just beyond the image above is this research pier.

After getting their fill of the view, Mom and Audra headed back down to us.

And just like last time, they had to get a picture on top of the rock.  That fence didn’t get any prettier.

And we got so lucky – a family we met up there took our picture for us!

As we were heading back down, we saw this little memorial for WWII naval aviators who crashed their seaplane into the hillside.

The trek back down was pretty uneventful but I grabbed some photos anyway. (It’s a compulsion.)

And Roz snapped this photo of us lovebirds finishing up our hike.

• • •

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