Fantastic news! After sifting through over 1700 photos from my mom and stepmom’s visit, this is the last blog post on their visit!  Whew.  It’s been fun reliving each of our adventures.  This was last stop on our busy fourteenth day in January.  First, we checked out the Kawaikui Beach Park, then we drove along Kalanianaole Highway and stopped to see a few sights along the way.  After that, we hiked the Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail.  And that brings us to this post.  A beautiful end to a long, fun day.
Last time we visited here (sans Mom & Roz), I was confused about the area.  I wasn’t sure what the beach was called – I just knew it was not a family beach.  The waves are good and it’s clearly a place for surfers to congregate.  But that makes it a really fun place to hang out and just watch.

I’m seriously obsessed with this picture.  I love how the mountains in the background look totally different than others I have seen on the island.

While my mom, James, and I stayed up near the parking lot and relaxed, Roz and the kids went off to explore.  As I mentioned, last time I was confused about what this area was called.  I thought maybe it was the Makapuu Tidepools I’ve read about.  However, now that I’ve learned that those are actually off of the lighthouse trail, I’m pretty certain these are known as baby tide pools.  They extend a bit up the coast, but we stayed in this one general area.

Roz grabbed this fantastic picture of her grandbabies.

And then they explored some more.

She found a sea cucumber!

(And after showing us, she put it back in its home.)

We also took pictures, because that’s what you do.

We’re really becoming masters of the couple selfie.

We all climbed over some rocks to really watch the water washing against the shore.  It was so awesome.

And we were rewarded with some black crabs! (Sorry the picture isn’t great – it was starting to get dark.)

And one last picture to end a great week spent visiting with my mom and Roz!  You know they’re already thinking about their next trip.  This place just can’t be seen in a week.  And we tried!

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