We were out and about for another adventure in the area, so we decided to finally check out La’ie Point. It’s a fun little stop, and although it was super windy the day we went, it was obviously still beautiful. Plus, I’m really into checking things off my list – so consider this one checked. If you’re more of the adventurous type, apparently this is a popular spot for cliff jumping.

There’s this great plaque that tells all about this stretch of land that resides just south of the northern tip of O’ahu. After reading it, I still don’t remember much about it because I’m more into pretty stuff than the history. (Hey, we all have our things.)

We never did get to see the water coming through that little hole there, but it was still gorgeous.IMG_6908

Aidan is so thrilled to be here.IMG_6925 IMG_6958

We walked all around for twenty minutes or so. Doing it in slippers isn’t probably recommended. We’re daredevils.IMG_6976

The look back south is gorgeous. And I believe this area is where the cliff jumping happens. Didn’t really investigate that because we’re sort of scaredy-cats.IMG_6984 IMG_7001e

Doing a little posing…IMG_7036e

It’s a cute little area and if you’re already making your way around the northern tip on Kamehameha Highway, you might as well stop!

Pu'u o Hulu Trail
Kolekole Trail