This wasn’t a huge adventure or anything – we were actually on our way to our destination – but it’s a park we pass frequently.  Most of our trails lately seem to be windward (east) and we take the H-1 to get there.  Toward Hawaii Kai, H-1 turns into Kalanianaole Highway, and that’s where you’ll find this little gem.

My mom & stepmom came in to visit, and it felt like the perfect time to stop and check the place out.  The kids totally love their Nana.  I love how they appear to be “strutting their stuff” as they headed toward the water.

Once you get down there, a look to your left reveals Koko Crater and…..I don’t know what to call that area farther to the right.  Is it Koko Head?  People seem to use those names interchangeably online, and I know that’s not right.  Once I know for sure, I will update.  (Excuse my new-to-the-island ignorance.)

Another view.  It’s beautiful.  This is a perfect beach park to have a picnic.  We saw quite a few picnic tables.  And the place was essentially empty, although it was a weekday.

And it had bathrooms! Always a plus.

A view from behind.  Those houses aren’t too shabby.

So back to business.  The kids played around on this rock ledge.

And posed for me – as is always required.

Then we watched these jumping fish speed by.  No idea what they are, and a minimal amount of Googling didn’t help.

Then we had to do some more picture taking.  Nana, Gran & the kiddos.
Plus another one of us all minus Gran.

And because she knows I rarely make it into the pictures, my stepmom made a point to get some shots of James and me together.

My children are obsessed with throwing things.  Rocks, sand, whatever.  I’m not a fan.

Then we decided to head down to the other end of the beach.

There were some people fishing down there.

And from a distance, this log looked like it was a living creature.  It wasn’t.

And we found this sweet little heart that someone created with rocks.

So James decided to make this.  16 years together and we still act like teenagers sometimes.  It’s sweet.  Or vomit-inducing.  You decide.

On our way out, we saw this totally cool van in the parking lot.

I don’t watch the show, but I have to wonder if it’s ever been featured.  Way neat.

This is a perfect place to come and hang out for a while before or after a hike.  I’m pretty excited about it.  I have this goal to check out all of the beaches/beach parks on Oahu, so that’s another one off the list!

Polynesian Cultural Center
Friendship Garden Trail