The fourteenth of January turned out to be quite a picture-heavy day.  With my mom and stepmom in in town for a visit, we first visited Kawaikui Beach Park.  From there, we set out on Kalanianaole Highway in Hawaii Kai and headed toward the Makapuu Point Lighthouse Trail.  But before we reached our destination, we stopped at a few scenic points along the way.  And then after our hike, we hit the Makapuu Beach Park to watch the surfers and explore the rocky coast.  And because there were soooo many images captured that day, I’m breaking it down into a few blog posts.  You can thank me later.

The drive across the island from where we live to the southeastern tip of Oahu is not short.  So Roz and Audra kept themselves busy with selfies.

After stopping by the beach park, we passed Koko Crater.  There is a little lookout point in front of it that offers some beautiful views of Hawaii Kai.  We recently climbed the stairs that you can see in this picture.  It exhausted me just looking at it again.

Roz jumped out to grab these images.  Don’t worry, we stopped for her.

From there, we kept driving along the highway.  We stopped at Lanai Lookout and immediately saw some whales blowing.

Because of the 928 other tourists checking out the place, I wasn’t able to get many pictures.  But we did do a little rule breaking to get this shot.  I want to call myself a rebel, but I was too scared to let the kids go beyond the wall.  Roz helped them over and then quickly called for me to take the picture.  Thanks Roz!

We got back in the van for just a short amount of time before we saw this tiny little area to stop.  It is right before the Halona Blowhole (which I hope to visit soon).  After a bit of research help (thanks Jae!), I discovered that it’s a shrine to fishermen who have lost their lives.  The location is cared for by Vietnamese Buddhists.

In the center is the shrine.

The shrine is surrounded by a circle of rocks, but there is a little cutout that allows you to get a little adventurous.  Admittedly, I was feeling quite content to stay within that small area.  Aidan and Audra stayed in the van with James, but Austin was determined to check out the place.

But first, Roz went off to right and climbed her way down the rock.

Clearly, she’s a bit crazy.

Just to the left of where she was standing, you could see fishermen out there doing their thing.

So after a bit, I gave in and decided I should probably put on my big girl panties.  Austin and I went through the rock barrier.

And we followed Roz’s path. (At this point, James had come from the van to see what we were up to – thanks to him for getting these pictures!)

Buuuut we didn’t go all that far and we didn’t stay too long.  We had places to be.  So we headed back up.

Once we were back at the top, we set our sights to the left.  Again, thanks to help from my friend Jae, I learned that this little area is called Eternity Beach (Or Halona Beach Cove).  And on the other side of the beach is the parking lot for the Halona Blowhole.  It turns out this beach was in the 1953 movie From Here to Eternity.

In addition to this scuba diver, there were quite a few snorkelers.  We saw at least one sea turtle down there swimming with the humans.  We will definitely be going back there!

At that point, the other two kids joined us, and they walked a bit out onto the ledge that overlooks the beach area.

But James and Roz ventured waaaaaay out to the tip.

Why hello, heart attack.

And then Roz proceeded to lean over and snap pictures.

My mom and I hung out by the shrine.  And I made her pose for pictures.  Good daughter.

But then James came back and took Austin back out.  (And that stretch of sand you can see in the distance is Sandy Beach I believe.)

And somehow I got roped into going out there too.  (Thankfully the pictures don’t show my fear.)

And after lingering for a bit, James headed back up and we headed to our trail!  (Blog post coming soon!)

Huge shoutout to this website for helping me figure out the information for this post.  All of these lookouts are confusing!
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