An easy hike to some beautiful falls in Kaneohe, Hawaii.

Let me start off by saying that this path is not sanctioned by the state. In fact, it’s completely off limits, so if you decide to check out Hamama Falls, you’re doing so at your own discretion.  If you decide to ignore that very obvious “KEEP OUT” sign, that’s on you. Mmkay? Kay.

That said, this was a fun hike. Easy and super safe for the kiddos, although there’s always the chance of a landslide or falling rocks. Thankfully, we encountered neither on this quick 3 mile jaunt.

This trail is located in Kaneohe, and you can find great directions here. You’ll park on the street near the trailhead, and please always remember to be respectful of the residents. The guy who’s home we parked near was incredibly nice and wished us well on our adventure.

You’ll notice we had some guests along on this hike. They’re friends from Indiana, and you’ll be seeing them pop up in a few upcoming posts. We had an incredible time adventuring with them!
IMG_4414 Once you get through the fence, you’ll set out on a gravel road. I mistakenly forgot that not all waterfall hikes are shaded, so we really should have worn sunscreen. Also, bring bug spray. We didn’t have too much of a problem with mosquitoes, but I’ve read they can be bad.IMG_4418 This kid and his sticks. And let’s take a moment to look behind him. Is that an exotic scene or what? We’ve lived here now for 18 months and I think sometimes I forget to remember how amazing this place is. I’m so focused on the technicalities of the photo that I forget to sit back and really appreciate the beauty. Even when the view is mundane. Just a walk down a gravel road. Still pretty incredible.IMG_4419 IMG_4421 This is a little swimming hole right along the gravel path. We never bring gear for swimming, and I’m kind of terrified of leptospirosis. But we did see quite a few other people enjoying this fun little spot.IMG_4423Shortly after the swimming hole, we came across this creepy wall. Dungeon, anyone?IMG_4502 But this area was right next to it, and it felt a lot more serene. We even saw a couple picnicking. The graffiti really adds to the natural beauty too. IMG_4424 It was around here that the trail began to become a little more cardio-intensive.  Still nothing bad, but I definitely slowed down. For the girl, of course. It’s always for the kids.IMG_4433 IMG_4435 We stopped often for pictures. Audra is becoming quite the little photographer. IMG_4441 IMG_4446 Our friend Andi stopped to enjoy a little view.
IMG_4448 The kids loved having our friends around to chat with.IMG_4451 And before we knew it, we were at the falls. We had taken our friends to Manoa Falls the day before, and it was just trickling. So we were super grateful for this sight.IMG_4459 We had the fantastic fortune of having another group of hikers available to take our picture. We of course did the same for them in return!IMG_4463 Our friends, Pat & Andi. IMG_4473 On the way back, we stopped to gaze at this beautiful view of Kaneohe Bay.IMG_4475 The way back out of the trail was just as pretty as the way in.IMG_4478 IMG_4480 I gotta give it to these two – they totally handled my obsessive photographic tendencies with absolute patience. If I could make a living just photographing tourists while they were on their vacations, I would so be all over that. Some people have a dream of ending poverty in the world. That’s pretty important, but envisioning a world where vacation photo albums no longer look like the mom was missing from the whole getaway? I mean, that is truly earth-shattering. Amiright?IMG_4490These three are pretty awesome themselves. They assemble super quickly when I ask for a picture. And the eye-rolling is fairly minimal at this point.

Also, I saw on Exploration: Hawaii that a banyan tree along the trail leads to Waihe’e Falls. I think this is it, but we didn’t check it out. I definitely want to go back and see though!IMG_4498This shot was directly across from that swimming area I mentioned earlier. So pretty.IMG_4506

And that was it. The whole thing took us two hours, and we didn’t really rush it. Short, sweet and so much fun! We even left from here and had two more new adventures before it was dark. Posts to come on those!

Kamananui Valley Road Trail
Keālia Trail & Access Road