Hey everyone! I have gotten so very far behind on this blog, but our adventures have not stopped. We moved to Colorado in October 2015 and life got a little bit away from me. I kept taking photos, but I stopped writing about our experiences. SOOOOO…I’m working on catching up now. And that means a ton of posts are going to be written in a short amount of time, and that might totally annoy some of our email subscribers. So this particular post is meant to say: sorry! I know constant emails in your inbox is not what anyone wants to see. But I promise, once I get caught up, I’ll try to stay on top of the things we do in the future.

As a side note, I’m definitely going to date the posts as if they were written in real time, so I don’t want anyone to think they’re crazy when they see articles pop up that say they’re a year old. You might be crazy, but it’s not because you thought you missed things on this blog. 😉



(I’ll probably delete this post once the blog is updated…it will be like the whole thing never happened.)

We Made it to Colorado!