After having such an amazing sea turtle experience last time, we just knew we’d have to take my mom and stepmom to Aweoweo Beach during their visit.  And thankfully, the turtles did not let us down!

James had to work, so it was just the six of us plus the puppies.  I was actually pretty excited to see how they’d react to the water.  In case I hadn’t mentioned it before, my mom and Roz kept them on the mainland during Hawaii’s required quarantine period.  They were able to go straight from the airport to us – no kennel time needed!

We made it up to the North Shore without incident, and I have to tell you that I was pretty proud of that fact.  I haven’t driven much since we moved here, and this was certainly the farthest I’ve gone behind the wheel.  But it wasn’t all that scary actually – mostly because I didn’t have to drive on the major interstates.

And when we arrived, the place was nearly totally empty.  I kind of love that exclusive experience sometimes!

Immediately after walking down to the beach, Roz found this huge piece of coral.  It stayed there.

There was lots of just gazing off into the horizon for both my mom and Roz.  It’s such a gorgeous place.

Looking for the turtles.

What is that?!  I see a head!

I have to apologize because this post will mostly consist of repetitive pictures: human, turtle, turtle, human, dog!, human, turtle.  You’ve been warned.

We didn’t have the kids wear swimsuits because we didn’t anticipate them actually getting in the water.  But you know that was a dumb idea.  Austin was soaked within 2 minutes I think.

I’m so bummed that I got water on my lens, but I still love this picture.  And look, a shot of humans AND a turtle.

I don’t know how many we saw, but it was lots.

Sissy and I wrangled the dogs for the most part.  They, by the way, were not fans of the beach.  We like to walk near the water because the sand is packed and it’s easier to walk on.  But then the dogs’ paws got wet, and they did not love that.  At one point, they both wriggled out of their harnesses to run away from the water.

This picture adequately shows the entire day.  Roz took pictures and my mom stared at the water.  Both doing something they enjoyed.  Perfect!

Looking this way, we knew that rain was rolling in.  (It sprinkled here and there but largely held off for us.)

My mom found this little creation.  I can’t remember if it was there last time?  But totally cool.

It was after this image that I decided to head back to the van and exchange cameras.  I walked aaaaaaaaall the way back only to realize the keys were in Roz’s backpack.  Oops.  And this is when it’s good to have cellphones and endlessly-energetic children.  Because I’m lazy and walking through sand is not as fun as people pretend it is. (Long walks on the beach?  No thank you.)

Roz grabbed this image of the beautiful waves.  She took many of the pictures during our entire visit.  It was so nice having help in that department!

After coming back from the van, I saw that Roz was heading back my way.  Earlier, the turtles were a bit farther out.  But at this point, they were riding the waves closer to the beach.  And we took advantage for some great shots!

And finally, Avery felt calm enough to take a break.

And back to the turtles. (Told ya.)

Then my mom got closer and I couldn’t wait for her to get near the turtles.

The little creatures weren’t quite as cooperative this time, and we couldn’t get any shots of heads poking through the surface.  But still, pretty cool!

Then we headed up to the park to have (a very healthy!) lunch.

And I spent some time with my best boy pupster.  We missed having them at home!

And at that point, Nana headed off to swing with each of the kiddos. (It was by total accident that the pictures perfectly depict a full swing.)

And very soon after that fun, the rain rolled in.  No more Mr. Nice Sprinkle.  So we sprinted to the van and made our way back home.  But I was thanking the ocean gods for giving us the perfect turtle experience.

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