2013 was our best year to date.  It started out lonely, with James adjusting to life in Afghanistan and the rest of us missing him desperately at home in Indiana.  But then he came home for R&R in May, and we packed those three weeks as full as we could get.  We ran a half marathon and then ziplined, hiked, and rafted in Tennessee.  We made it through the next few months, and then in August, he came home for good.  October found us relocating to Hawaii and we spent the next few months exploring this beautiful place.

Here’s a little recap of what turned out to be quite an exciting year.  It does not go in chronological order, which drives me batty a little bit.  But other than that, let me know what you think! The video contains a song – fair warning for the sound. 🙂

A Little Lagoon Love With N&G
USS Arizona Memorial